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We are circulating a reminder that there are some elements of the ACCS curriculum that are currently missing from the Lifelong Learning platform.  The details have been published on the ACCS website ( and are been copied below (with supporting information attached).


If you could please circulate this for the attention of ACCS trainees we would be grateful.  Please note that the fact that these elements are missing from the Lifelong Learning platform does not change the requirements for ARCP.


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New RCoA Lifelong Learning Platform

The RCoA has now launched a new platform to replaced the e-Portfolio system; the new Lifelong Learning platform (LLp) now includes the ACCS anaesthetics curriculum.

Assessors from beyond anaesthetics

Supervisors and assessors from Acute Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) can be added onto the system for the purpose of assessing ACCS anaesthetists-in-training.  If you are not an anaesthetist and would like to be added onto the system, please send an email to confirming your full name, GMC number, and preferred email address.

Work in progress

The RCoA is working on addressing known issues (for a list of current issues and version updates please visit the RCoA website).

There are some issues affecting specifically ACCS anaesthetists-in-training:

  • We are aware that the general practical procedures are missing as well as the practical procedures linked to ICM in the ACCS curriculum (ie all practical procedures except the Initial Assessment of Competence (IAC)).  This has been raised as a high priority for developers to address.  In the interim please use the existing paper forms if the form needed is not available on the platform; these can then be uploaded to the LLp as &39;, and linked to the relevant curriculum units at a later date, if required.  More detail can be found in this table.
  • The structure and organisation of the ACCS curriculum is not yet complete.  This is on the developmental roadmap for the LLp and will be addressed as soon as is practicable.  Under the ACCS heading of the Review Curriculum area you will find all the common competencies, major presentations and the acute presentations; these are listed in the same order as they are found in the curriculum document.  The Anaesthetics (IAC), and any additional units of anaesthetic training can be found under the Core heading.

It would also be advisable to consult local guidance, such as the Training Programme Director for ACCS, and/or checklists of the curriculum, as published by Deaneries.  The College is working on developing a YouTube video to offer some context-based guidance; this will be published on the College website, with the other guidance videos soon.

If you have any other queries or questions, please don&39;t hesitate to get in touch with the RCoA Training Department:, or 020 7092 1556.



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News | Posted 1st March 2019
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