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    Audit News 

    Pan London Perioperative Audit and Research Network (PLAN)

    PLAN is a trainee collaborative group which aims to deliver high quality large scale quality improvement and research across London.

    See website for upcoming projects and previous successes http://uk-plan.net or follow on twitter @PeriopResearch

    To join PLAN as part of the North West London region please email northwestplan@gmail.com 

    Click here for the latest PLAN newsletter.

    Research and Audit Federation of Trainees (RAFT)

    RAFT is a trainee-led national umbrella group that networks together the multiple UK regional anaesthetic research groups.

    It aims to facilitate national anaesthetic trainee led projects, to improve access for trainees to clinical research and promote the "collaborative model" of team UK anaesthesia.

    It is supported by the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA), tha National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) and the Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT).

    See website for further details and upcoming projects http://www.raftrainees.com and follow on twitter @RAFTrainees

    Sprint National Anaesthesia Projects (SNAP)

    SNAPs are aimed to providing a 'snapshot' evaluation of activity and patient centred outcomes important to both patients and anaesthetists.  See website for further details http://www.niaa-hsrc.org.uk/SNAPs


    What is audit?

    Audit is the cornerstone of clinical governance, providing a mechanism whereby quality of clinical practice can be continuously reviewed and improved.

    Click here for Clinical Governance Toolbox

    Why do audit?

    Audit is not only essential in clinical practice for the reasons stated above, but is also an essential requirement at Basic, Intermediate, Higher and Advanced levels of training.

    Imperial School of Anaesthesia require trainees to complete a minimum of one audit/training year.

    See: CCT in Anaesthetics: Annex G







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